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Meet the Teams!  

Team Warriors for Women: their mission is advocating for the protection, support and success of women who are survivors of violence and abuse.

Grantee: Maryhurst  

Team Warriors for Women.png

Team WHY Louisville: their mission is to provide K-12 students with mental health resources and work to normalize conversations around mental health within the community.

Grantee: Louisville Youth Group

Team WHY Louisville.png

Team Healthy Habitats: their mission is improving health through access to nutritious options, especially in areas affected by food deserts.
Grantee: Change Today Change Tomorrow

Team Healthy Habitats.png

About the 2020-2021 Council 

This program year looked a bit different, but 33 students representing 12 different schools in Jefferson, Oldham and Bullitt Counties spent 16 Saturdays learning virtually about the world of philanthropy and how to make positive impacts in the community. Our studentteams developed their own missions, researched organizations that could fulfill their missions, interviewed organizational representatives, went on site visits and create proposal selection criteria to allow themto determine as a team how to grant $5,000.Along the way they met and engaged with local community leaders and developed leadership skills.

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