Collaborations make a huge difference!  The LYPC and the University of Louisville have partnered to offer a College Credit course for eligible LYPC students. Students can earn 3 hours of Business Management 101 college credit, transferrable to any accredited college or university.  The College Credit program is a great collaboration that advances learning and promotes secondary education.


Dr. Nat Irvin, Dean of Thought Leadership and Civic Engagement at the School of Business, is the U of L Sponsor for the program.  Students participating must meet all of the requirements for LYPC, PLUS:  written reflections for each class, a book reflection, participation in an ‘ask’ presentation to raise funds for LYPC, a term paper and an individual interview with Dr. Irvin at the end of the LYPC course.

  • Earn College Credit

  • Expand Learning Opportunities

  • Gain Unique Experiences

  • Explore Philanthropy Further

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U of L offers the LYPC College Credit course at a substantially reduced rate per credit hour.  An LYPC Scholarship Fund is available to students requiring financial assistance to pay tuition.