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The Program

The main LYPC program takes place on sixteen Saturdays throughout the academic year. Each session focuses on a different philanthropic topic to help students understand what philanthropy is and how they are able to get involved. Different local leaders are invited as guest speakers to provide their perspective and expertise. Each session lasts for three hours from 11am-2pm at the University of Louisville's Voght Center.

During every session, students collaborate during different activities so that they can learn different perspectives and ensure the positive impact they make is to their liking.

The major element that distinguishes LYPC from other programs is the hands-on learning that students get to do. On the first day, students are divided into different teams where each chooses a local need to meet. They create their own mission statement and team name. With the guidance of their assigned facilitator, they meet with local nonprofit organizations of their choosing that they believe fits their mission statement the most and benefits the most from their grant. At the Celebration Banquet in March, which marks the conclusion of the program, each team grants $5,000 to the nonprofit organization of their choosing.

For students interested in applying, please go to the "Apply to the LYPC" page under "Get Involved."

Eligibility and Requirements

The LYPC places an emphasis on equity and justice - we want any and all students interested in participating to be given the chance to do so. The program is free of charges (including lunch)!


Any high school student residing in Jefferson or a neighboring county is eligible for membership.  A TARC card or ride service voucher can be provided for those who need it at no cost.

The only major requirement is attendance - participation in the LYPC program requires commitment due to the continuous nature of the subject matter as well as the group-based activities that need intentional participation. We completely understand that students participate in other activities (and we encourage them to do so).The LYPC calendar is scheduled around federal holidays, school breaks (of public and parochial schools), and ACT testing dates.


Students are required to attend at least 13 of the 16 sessions to receive a completion certificate and a speaking role at the Celebration Banquet. To have an absence be excused, students need to simply let their facilitator know in advance of the class they will miss (before 11am the Saturday of) that they are unable to attend. Not communicating an absence has it counted as unexcused - having more than three unexcused absences ill result in a student being removed from the program.

For students interested in applying, please go to the "Apply to the LYPC" page under "Get Involved."

Other Opportunities

There are several opportunities that LYPC's students can take outside of our normal meeting times.

Ask Presentations: With the guidance of our team members, students go to interested partners and request a grant.

Job Shadowing: Partnered organizations allow students to come in and see what a typical day of operations is like.

Conferences: LYPC students are able to attend business and philanthropic conferences around the area.

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