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Get Involved

      There are multiple ways to get involved with the LYPC! In whatever way you get involved, you help the next generation of philanthropic leaders gain the knowledge and inspiration they need to make positive impacts on the community!


   Anyone can be a Philanthropist!

   The LYPC is a ‘triple play’ for our community:

  1. We help teenagers develop a philanthropic spirit at a young age - this pushes them towards future service in the non-profit world (either as a career or a volunteer).

  2. Local non-profit organizations receive financial help and attention, allowing them to better the work they do.

  3. The community members served by local non-profit organizations receive more quality services.


   The LYPC is a standard 501(c)3, 100% funded by grants and donations, managed by a few paid part-time staff and many volunteers.


By investing in the LYPC program, you are not only investing in our students as they learn how to run a non-profit organization, but you are investing in the community of Louisville.

Sponsorships and Ask Presentations

Is your company or organization looking to get more involved in local philanthropy? 


The LYPC program is a hands-on learning program that provides students with opportunities to practice the principles of philanthropy in real situations. We need the support of corporations and businesses that are willing to invest in the program while also giving our students the opportunity do the asking. 


One very important aspect of the program are ‘Ask Presentations.’ Students make a face-to-face request for financial investment. These sessions provide students with the experience they need and companies the opportunities to invest in the community.

Contact us to arrange a meeting with our team or students!

Visit A Class

We have an open-door policy here at the LYPC - anyone interested in the program is allowed to visit during a session to see our students in action.

This is perfect for those interested in learning more about youth philanthropy, community involvement, and local non-profits.


 We also love the opportunity to learn from those already doing philanthropic work! We invite anyone associated with a philanthropic organization to speak to orur students. By doing so, they learn more about local key players while also providing spotlight on the presenting organization.


Just contact us to arrange a visit to one of our classes. We would love to have you!

IMG_9753 copy.jpg
Bella Portaro-Kueber, owner of Bella Vita Media and Bella of Louisville, speaking to the LYPC students about the importance of networking!
"The Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council isn't just a group of young adults making mature decisions, it's a journey. A journey where you discover new places, meet exciting and accomplished people and learn about things that can only brighten your future! LYPC is an awesome adventure!"

-Julee Strong
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