Candy Medina, Chairperson (Donors Forum of Kentuckiana)

Micah Jorrisch, Vice-Chairperson (Maryhurst)

Brad Ennis, Treasurer (Humana)

Molly Melia, Secretary (Community Foundation of Louisville)
Claire Arnold, Member (University of Louisville)

Carrie Hagovsky, Member (Actors Theatre)

Jaime Hendricks, Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky (O.A.K.)

Tony Peyton, Member (CE&S Foundation)

Michael Pitt, Member (Of Counsel, Pitt & Emison, Attorneys)

Miranda Reece, Member (Community Foundation of Louisville)

Paul Robinson, Member (Home of the Innocents

Aaron Rosenberg, Member (Oasis KY, Inc.)

Pam Royster, Member (JCPS)

Tosh Scheps, Member (Archdiocese of Louisville)

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