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Providing a unique program to youth that teaches the fundamentals of philanthropy while providing leadership skills and community connections.  



The Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council (LYPC) seeks to educate youth about philanthropy, inspiring them through hands-on experiences to become community leaders.

The LYPC gives teenagers the opportunity to learn how to run a non-profit (’501(c)3′) philanthropic foundation – and then helps them to put what they learn into practice by making grants of $5,000 in the Louisville, Kentucky area. 

The Council meets 16 Saturdays throughout the school year for 2 1/2 hour classes.  They split into two teams that each develop a philanthropic mission, researches and interviews organizations with programs that fulfill that mission, makes site visits, and ultimately decides how to distribute $5,000 in grant money. The Council members are also charged with raising the grant money for the following year’s class. Grant awards are presented by the Council members to the selected organizations at a dinner banquet in March of each year.

The LYPC is a fiscally sponsored program of the 

Community Foundation of Louisville, and operates under its non-profit status. 

“I am going to change the world, and the Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council is the first step.”
-Sydney Bright
LYPC Class of 12-13

Meet The Team


Ina Miller

Ina serves as the

Executive Director for the LYPC


Candy Medina

Candy serves as our Advisory Board chair and classroom leader

Shelby Allen

Shelby serves as the Assistant Facilitator for one of our Student Teams

Pia Sahni

Pia serves as Facilitator for one of our Student Teams