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Who We Are

The Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council (LYPC) is a nonprofit organization seeks to educate youth about philanthropy, inspiring them through hands-on experiences to become community leaders. We believe that by providing young people with opportunities to engage in philanthropy, they can develop a deeper understanding of the needs of their community and learn how to make a positive impact on the world around them. Our program is designed to inspire and equip the next generation of community leaders, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs.


Learn. Lead. Act. Inspire.

LYPC is a 16-week course that meets for 3 hours on Saturday afternoons from August through March.  The focus is experiential learning; the students serve as members of a grant-making Board for each of their teams.  The teams develop their own missions, research organizations that could fulfill their missions, interview organizational representatives, go on site visits and create proposal selection criteria to allow them to determine as a team how to grant $5,000.  Each team has a dedicated facilitator, but they only provide guidance – the students make all of the decisions.  Students who apply and are accepted into the LYPC program attend the 16 classes at no charge to them.  

The LYPC provides meaningful outcomes through our proven curriculum of experiential philanthropic learning, thus strengthening youth and teens' engagement in our community and their success in education. This education provides a variety of benefits throughout the lifetime of our students. It teaches them why, how and what is needed to mitigate the problems of their communities. Many of our students do not realize the severity of the crises our communities face until they meet organizational leaders doing the work. They make an immediate, positive impact by supporting local organizations that fulfill the missions they create.  The experiential education that LYPC students receive allows them to develop skills and make decisions that impact the voluntary sector. We are developing the next generation of leaders for our community. We believe that their voices are important today and tomorrow.

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Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

2023-2024 LYPC Board of Directros

The LYPC is governed by an outstanding group of community members with a passion for youth development and philanthropy. We pride ourselves on being a strong, dedicated working board.  

Micah Jorrisch

Chair, Maryhurst

Beth Malcom

Vice Chair, Bakers Studio + The Bakery

Brad Ennis

Treasurer, Humana

Candy Medina

Secretary, Donors Forum of Kentuckiana

Claire Arnold

University of Louisville

Nicole Diebold

CE&S Foundation

SteVon Edwards

Schenault Solutions

Sarah Hugenberg

PNC Bank

Christine Kelly

Archdiocese of Louisville

Siggy Gross

LYPC Student, Francis Parker

Chris Staples


Ellen Trahan

Northwestern Mututal

Greg Vann


Ina de Mattos Miller

LYPC Executive Director

Minhal Nazeer

LYPC Student, KCD

Briana O'Daniel

YMCA Association

LYPC Banquet 2017-5922.jpg

Miranda Reece

Community Foundation of Louisville

LYPC History
The concept of LYPC was first envisioned as a vehicle by which the Donors Forum of Kentuckiana could help fulfill its community outreach objectives.  In the 17 years of Council activities, to date, we have realized that there is a far greater potential for the program.  This next generation of philanthropic leaders truly has a hunger for civic engagement and the LYPC is an essential link in the chain of service-learning knowledge that starts in elementary school and leads through their college years and into their careers. 


Year One

(pilot year)


Year Two

(pilot year)


Year Three

(pilot year)


Year Four


Year Five


Year Six


Year Seven


Year Eight


Year Nine


Year Ten


Year Eleven


Year Twelve


Year Thirteen


Year Fourteen


Year Fifthteen


Year Sixteen


Year Seventeen


Year Eighteen

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