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Providing a unique program to youth that teaches the fundamentals of philanthropy while providing leadership skills and community connections.  



The Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council (LYPC) seeks to educate youth about philanthropy, inspiring them through hands-on experiences to become community leaders.

Our mission is to educate high school youth about philanthropy, inspiring them through experiential learning to become community leaders.  This mission facilitates the LYPC vision:  to nurture the next generation of philanthropic leaders.  Philanthropic education provides a variety of benefits throughout the lifetime of our students.  It teaches our students why, how and what is needed to mitigate the problems of their communities.  

The LYPC is a Saturday program that educates high school youth from public, private and parochial schools in Jefferson County and its contiguous counties – providing an experiential environment where they learn about the nonprofit sector as they make $5,000 grants to nonprofit organizations that fulfill the missions that they create.  This 16-week course is the basis for an optional college credit partnership with the University of Louisville that is sponsored by Dr. Nat Irvin of the U of L School of Business.   Over 380 LYPC students from 33 different high schools have participated in LYPC in the past 15 years, granting $275,000 to 49 different local nonprofits.  Our relationships with our schools are incredibly valuable to help us recruit each year.   

“I am going to change the world, and the Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council is the first step.”
-Sydney Bright
LYPC Class of 12-13

Meet The Team

Ina de Mattos Miller_Head Shot.png

de Mattos Miller

Ina serves as the

Executive Director for the LYPC


Marcella Kragel

Marcella serves as Facilitator for one of our student teams and has been involved with LYPC for five years!

Shelby Allen

Shelby serves as Facilitator for one of our Student Teams

image001 (1).png


Adriana serves as Facilitator for one of our Student Teams

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